I specialise in 'introduced' recitals primarily as I enjoy making a connection between the performer and the audience. Music can be listened to on many levels and I believe that gaining an insight into the language of the music and the historical context creates a more rewarding experience.

My particular passion is for French music and here is a selection of some of my current programmes and a list of past recital venues:


Satie and 'Le Groupe des Six'

Erik Satie was one of the most entertaining agent provocateurs of his time. He was a great innovator and had a stronger influence on his contemporaries than we tend to give him credit for today. Far from being remembered as just a composer of piano miniatures, his works opened up a new world. The composers of 'Le Group des Six' were not disciples but composers who were inspired by his fresh approach.


This looks at all the ways, both obvious and subtle that composers communicate the 'character' of a piece. As listeners, our emotions are influenced by the tensions inside the music as well as by the external connections we make with a piece. Composers in this programme include Schumann; Debussy and Messiaen.

Songs without words

This programme explores how this percussive instrument can truly sing. Works by Schubert, Chopin, Liszt and Grieg.

Invitation to the dance

From Allemandes to Zapateados, this is a quickstep through the history of dance music for the piano.

A history of Piano music

Only 300 years of music to cover, shouldn't take long....we see the relationship between composer and instrument and the influence of other musical genre on piano literature.

Venues include:

  • St John's, Smith Square
  • Purcell Room
  • St Martin-in-the-fields
  • St James' Piccadilly
  • St Bride's, Fleet Street
  • Leighton House
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Salon d'Art, Budapest
  • Reading University.