I am a teacher of piano, theory and composition.

I aim to give my students the opportunity to find their own musical personalities and to develop all the skills that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment. Skills of sight reading, aural training, general musicianship, improvisation and composition as well as a strong technique.

My teaching books, musical senses, due for release soon, are designed to capture the imagination of every student and build confidence and understanding in all areas.

Based on the principles of these books, I am also developing a curriculum for school education that demonstrates how music education, often sidelined, is educationally, emotionally and socially beneficial to every student.

My students are of all ages and abilities and I'm happy to say that they have had successes at Music Festivals and gaining Scholarships to Secondary Schools. All my students have passed their Associated Board exams, the majority with merit or distinction and we meet regularly together for informal concerts.